An Interview with Liz Hutcheson of Fast Snail Creative!

8 Jun

Fast Snail Creative is a fantastic company that brings all of your favorite DC themed cards and gifts to Pulp! Creative maven, Liz Hutcheson’s beautiful drawings add fun to the most famous local monuments and the DC flag. Fast Snail Creative will be featured at our Keep Calm & Say “I Do!” Wedding Expo this Sunday from noon until 4:00 pm where she’ll exhibit some of her lovely wedding themed creations.

Q: When did you discover your love for drawing?

A: I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.  My mother was an artist and a genius at creating all kinds of beautiful things, so I think it is in my DNA.  I studied studio art (drawing, painting, printmaking,and sculpture) at William & Mary and took courses at the Corcoran after college.

Q: What propelled you to start making greeting cards?

A: My earliest career goals were to be one of the following: card/gift shop owner,flight attendant, or a teacher named Miss Thompson.  Making cards is a lifelong thing with me because it is fun and I like to give greetings that are original and special to recipient.

When I was a kid, I started making cards and banners for all occasions, as well as things like piñatas, party hats, and masks to add fun and flair.  In college, a few friends asked me to make cards for them to send others and I kept going from there.

Q: What is the creative process for making custom wedding invitations?

A: First thing is to determine basics such as the deadline, the budget, any design/color/style motifs the couple has in mind, text in my handwriting or in type, any preferences for the size of the invitation, kind of paper and envelopes, and what if any other “parts” they need – save the date cards, reply cards, accommodation/direction cards, etc.

Then I research images as needed and get to the drawing board.  In some cases, the couple will choose to use one of my existing designs as a starting point.  Then I send sample sketches to the couple and once they approve a sketch/concept, I finalize the image and send a mock-up of the invitation for their approval.  After I incorporate any changes or corrections, I send a final proof for before printing.

Q: You’ve made so many wonderful products that we sell here at Pulp, anything exciting on the horizon?

A: I have loads of ideas for new images and card designs and get great suggestions for products from my customers.  I really enjoy figuring out ways to put my designs on various surfaces – flasks, mugs, cupcake and cake toppers – and look forward to doing more in that arena.  I have done personalized prints for customers, and am playing around with doing more of that for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.  I love to sew and have been toying with the idea of creating fabric with my designs.  So, I guess the answer is stay tuned!

Thanks Liz for giving us some insight into your work! Stop by PULP to pick up some of her lovely work! For more information, you can contact Liz and via email at!


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