Interview with Josh Nusbaum of Waterknot Design!

8 Nov
We were luckily able to score an interview with Josh Nusbaum, graphic designer of Waterknot Design. His cards celebrate all occasions, and are now featured at Pulp!
Q:How long have you been in the card business?
A: While I have been designing professionally for over a decade and Jenn and I have been letterpress printing for the last couple of years, we just launched our card line last December.
Q: How many stores carry your products?
A: 90
Q: What’s your favorite occasion to celebrate?
A: Love! We love love. We are both romantics and I have always used my art as a means to express my love for Jenn. She makes it easy and is a constant source of inspiration. So now, without really planning it, love themed cards make up half of our line.
Q: What are your best holiday gift giving tips/ideas?
A: We like to make things – food, crafts, art, music. We always appreciate a hand made gift. It’s so cool to see how much people appreciate being given something that they know you had a personal investment in. Making something for someone else is also a great way to get yourself to slow down, focus and really put some intention into gift giving. That said, as art lovers and closet tech geeks, we fully appreciate finding the perfect small work of art to give or totally wowing someone with the newest ipad.
Thanks for the wonderful interview, Josh! Pulpsters, don’t forget to come down to the store to check out Waterknot Design cards, and check out the Waterknot website!

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