PULP Pop Up Artist Spotlight : Cara Jablon

24 Oct


Cara Jablon is a retired environmental attorney who has been designing and making jewelry since 1999. She also has a doctorate in Biochemistry. Cara started taking courses in jewelry making to learn how to repair necklaces, and her interest
developed into a business as she learned new skills and techniques. Cara makes necklaces, earrings, lariats, and bracelets (including a large collection of stretch bracelets), using fresh-water pearls, semi-precious stones, pewter, silver, crystal, and glass. She enjoys making jewelry that is versatile, easy to wear, and reasonably priced.

Cara’s work is quite eclectic, and ranges from delicate necklaces to large spiral pearl and stone necklaces. Much of her work focuses on geometric shapes, and she enjoys mixing a variety of shapes and sizes in her designs and combining these shapes with
semi-precious stones, such as onyx, coral, turquoise, and jasper. Her current collection also includes necklaces made from coiled wire beads that she makes. She sells her work at many local craft shows and is a member of the Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild.

Cara will be at Pulp this Saturday, October 26th (11am-5pm). You can see some of her work on her website .


PULP Pop Up Artist Spotlight : Reiko Renee Tate

9 Oct


Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Reiko Renee Tate began exploring art at a young age focusing primarily on painting and pottery. A graduate of Spelman College, Reiko studied painting, art history and Economics in college. Her post-college art studies include commercial art, pottery and paper arts.

Her professional background includes fine art, stationery design, marketing and event design.  After graduating college, Reiko put her artistic aspirations on the back burner and worked in management consulting and marketing in San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington, DC. In 2001 she started ReikoRenee Creations, creating hand-crafted jewelry and original artwork and selling her creations at arts festivals throughout the southeast. In 2010, she launched Studio ReikoRenee, LLC, an art and design studio. In addition to fine art, Studio ReikoRenee ventures include Fun+Art+Wine, an art and wine focused events company and MerciBunches, a stationery design studio.

PULP: How would you describe your work?

Reiko Renee Tate: Bright and colorful with lots of texture

What is the most interesting part of your work for you?

I love the creative process. I love seeing a work of art unfold.

How do you see yourself reflected in your work?

My artwork is happy, positive and colorful, which is reflective of my personality and outlook on life.

Do you find it important to connect with a local audience in today’s art world?

Definitely. Artistic expression is one of the most original and authentic ways we can connect with others.

What do you love most about PULP?

I love the variety of really cool and creative gifts. There’s something for EVERY occasion!

Where else can people see your work?

My artwork can be found on www.reikorenee.com.

What do you do besides art?

I design stationery and gift items (www.mercibunches.com) and I organize art and wine experiences (www.funartwine.com).

Reiko Renee will be at Pulp this Saturday, October 12th (11am-3pm). Stop by and see her amazing pieces.

PULP Pop Up Artist Series returns with Jessica Blaszczak of This Little Piggy

11 Sep

Another Pig on My HeadPulp’s Pop-Up Artist series is proud to feature Jessica Blaszczak of This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy is all about color, personality and fun. Owner Jessica Blaszczak hand-decoupages all of her ceramic piggy banks with premium papers from her little bungalow in Arlington, Virginia. A graduate in mass communications from Towson University (Go, Tigers!) Jessica’s main goal is simple: to bring smiles to children’s faces while inspiring each and everyone to save a little money in an enjoyable way. After all, you never know when you’ll need some change.

Jessica and her awesomely adorable piggies will be at the store on Saturday, Sept 14th from 11:00-5:00pm

Please visit her website, This Little Piggy and you can like her on Facebook.

The Artist Pop-Up shop series will run from now til November 9, the artists in the series range from Fine Art (i.e., painters/photographers) to Jewelry –and everything between.   This series was created to help artist in the community gain greater presence by introducing them to our customers.

Locally PULP: Local favorites you can find at PULP

21 Aug

Local artists have been part of PULP‘s everyday mix of merchandise for years. Over the course of a few weeks, we will introduce you to a few of the designers you’ve come to know and love.




RADICArt: Children’s Art Worshop

15 Aug


While we wait for the 2013-2014 school year to kick off on August 28, RADICArt had scheduled six amazing summer workshops to keep kids engaged and inspired until classes begin!

Collaborating with Pulp & ArtSmart Camp of the Logan Circle neighborhood, RADICArt will host an interactive art workshop led by a DC emerging artist. The artist will bring their original artwork into Pulp to share with children, leading fun, focused activities emphasizing creative self-expression while discovering their artistic abilities based on concepts from the artists’ original work.

We invite all children ages 5-10 to participate in our August workshop!

August 21, 2-3:30pm

At Pulp

If you’re interested in having your child participate in an August workshop with RADICArt, please email info@radicart.org or call/visit the store to add your child(ren) to the list.

Help PULP Renew, Refresh and Re-do!

24 Jul

flyer_pulp copyAs you may have heard, PULP is looking to make some much-needed improvements to our store and to our online presence, and we want your help in making it happen!

Tony Boykins, the owner of PULP, is raising $15k to cover costs of capital improvements on DC based crowdfunding platform, Clovest. Karan Jain, Clovest CEO, saw how hard it was for small businesses to obtain loans under $100k, and decided to find a way to make it easier by raising funding from customers and communities in the form of zero interest loans. You can find out more about how this works at our Clovest Page.

We hope you will consider becoming an investor in this project — amounts begin at $25.00. Unlike other funding projects, the money is being raised as a LOAN, meaning you will be repaid your contributions over the next three years!

Once our renovations have completed, we’re planning to host a number of fun and creative events for 14th Street, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we’d like to invite you to stop by for our next artist pop-up shop on July 27 and see what the PULP community is all about.

So please join us in refreshing and improving the store, and earn back your contributions in the process. But hurry, the campaign ends on September 1, 2013!

PULP Artist Pop Up Shop Series: Alicia Cipriani of OmMani Design

23 Jul


Pulp’s Pop-Up Artist series is proud to feature Alicia Cipriani of OmMani Design

Alicia Cipriani is a local artist and founder of the custom jewelry boutique, OmMani Design. A native of Roanoke, Virginia, Alicia uses the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding nature as inspiration for her designs. She has been making jewelry for over 10 years and uses natural materials, often incorporating the 800-year-old technique of Macramé. Each item is handcrafted with precision and love.

Alicia and her lovely jewelry will be at the store on Saturday, July 27th from 11:00-5:00pm

The Artist Pop-Up shop series will run from now til November 9, the artists in the series range from Fine Art (i.e., painters/photographers) to Jewelry –and everything between.   This series was created to help artist in the community gain greater presence by introducing them to our customers.


EVENT: PULP presents Mike Nelson Photography

6 Jun

Arnold Comes Out


Pulp welcomes Artist/Photographer Mike Nelson.  When asked about what guided his motivation, Mr. Nelson said, ” I have always been a creative person. Since as far back as I remember I loved sitting as a kid and cutting things up and putting them back together in my own special way.”  Mike majored in Photography earning his degree from The University of Florida where  where so many artists were just starting to explore the world of photo manipulation in the 80’s. He says, “I guess it stuck with me and I have been inventing my own worlds through photography ever since.”  We are excited about his new collection of work titled ” We gather what we can bear”.  Mr. Nelson explained that this collection explores the journey a person takes through life and the life experiences they collect along the way.

Please stop in to view the artwork and to meet the artist himself. We will have light fare and refreshments on hand.  More information about the event is below.

Pulp presents Mike Nelson Photography Exhibit
Friday, June 7th
7pm – 9pm

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6 Dec

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6 Dec

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